Thursday, October 30, 2014

End of season approaching

On Monday I returned home from Veldhoven, Netherlands. A long drive, and bringing back more fabrics than I had hoped. But it was an interesting experience, and it will be interesting to see how the planned change of location to Maastricht, beginning next year, will influence the set-up of the visitors. I won’t be there next year, as the date coincides with the IQF in Houston, which I plan to attend for the first time, but I am scheduled to have a solo exhibition in Maastricht in two years. It might well be worth a second attempt with taking the fabrics.
Since my return it has been ugly grey and cold, the typical November-weather which I loathe, although it hasn’t affected me as badly yet as it has before. I spent some time time unpacking the car, getting myself ready to be back – there is only one more trip with teaching this year, then the year’s traveling for work is done.
Have not really cleared up my studio yet, and haven’t got started on all the projects which I thought I would take up immediately after my return – it seems I needed a bit of a break. The only sewing I have been doing was a cuddly blanket for my son, nothing with any art assumption. 

Practised the piano quite a bit, thinking I would have my next lesson next week, but received a surprise text message today and had a lesson this afternoon.
My son came back from camp this afternoon, too, and we will go off to visit my parents tomorrow, before school starts back on Monday.
Today I found an article in the local newspaper that one of the environmental organizations is starting a project mapping old trees, and I have just entered both ‘my’ Daily Art trees – Daily Oak from three years ago, and this year’s Linden tree, of which I have been posting photos on my German blog.

Just a few nice and quiet days of relaxing! Including plans - it is now settled that in July I will have an exhibition in a small local church with a Bauhaus connection through its architect, Otto Bartning. The (protestant) church is part of a series of churches he designed and built after World War II, which was supposed to give the many refugees a religious space. As a matter of fact, the overall body of these churches might become UNESCO Heritage Site, at least an application is currently under consideration.

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  1. it seems that your days of relaxation are also full of plans.