Monday, August 4, 2014

SAQA Benefit Auction 2014 - my dream collection

It's the year of missed deadlines for me. Not only have I missed two deadlines for quilt shows which I intended to enter - one of which was most annoying because I had made one specifically for that event, the other one I would have just entered something that was handy - but I have now also managed to miss the final date for entering a 'Dream collection' for the marketing of the SAQA Benefit Auction 2014. As I am the regional representative for Europe/Middle East, that's a bit embarassing, but as I am also involved in preparing a special series about the auction for the regional blog,  I am indeed quite busy with that auction. Perhaps that can count as an absolution.
Plus, I still have the chance to publish my dream collection here. And that way I could put up my own rules, too! My own little contribution, which despite the fact that I needed a second attempt to get the size right I still managed to send in early enough to be in the first section of the auction,is out of the game, of course.

But looking through all the other sections, I managed to come up with seven that are my favorites - one more than the "dream collection"-size than the board calls for. So I decided to extend my personal dream collection by one, make it an XL-selection, so to speak. Here are my favorite seven pieces:

Gail Baar's blog can be found here.

 Information on Nancy Dobson can be found here.

Cecilia González's website can be found here.

Heather Pregger's website can be found here.

Brenda Gael Smith's website can be found here.

Unfortunately, the SAQA website does not give a link to Dianne Thomas.

The auction will begin on September 15 according to this schedule. Perhaps you would like to purchase a piece of small quilt art by bidding?

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