Thursday, April 3, 2014

Prague Patchwork Meeting

I arrived in Prague yesterday, where I am attending the 8th Prague Patchwork Meeting, with an exhibition, and a stall for my hand-dyed fabrics.

A sizeable load of quilts on top of a slightly reduced load of fabrics
to sell - we do have a big car, but this was stretching its limits!
Lots of traffic on coming in - it's not a good idea to try to get past a soccer stadium just after a game is out, and exactly at rush-hour time! But because it took so long to get over a traffic light, I always had enough time to look at my map (we don't have a navigation system in the car). Now I have a little bit of a feeling for the city layout.

Traffic jams in tunnels are not on the top of my list
of favorite situations to be in...

Hope to be able to see some of it after I put up the exhibition and my stall. It's been over twenty years since I was here for the first time, and I hadn't been back.

Morning sky from my hotel window

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  1. about 20 years since I was in Prague too. hope you have a great time and a good show