Tuesday, April 15, 2014

High Noon

1 - empty ginger-lemon-teapot

2 - packing my suitcase for Prague

3 - first morning in Prague

4 - taking a stroll around - I'm done, while others are still unpacking

5 - the view onto the next neighboring stand

6 - view out from behind my stand onto SAQA exhibitin "Deux"

7 - onset of the Magnolia's second dirty phase during annual cycle

8 - promise for fresh salad later in the year

9 - on my way to the tree

10 - miscellaneous items on my window-sill

11 - after crisis, working on a new piece

12 - first outside lunch this year (our table was open for the public)

13 - spontaneous baking

Strictly speaking, the last two items don't qualify due to my original time-frame for this project. But I decided to bend my own rules.

14 - newspaper clipping out of my father's book masses (twenty minutes too late)

15 - the last picture before the camera's battery called for a recharge:
found art near art supply store in Karlsruhe (a little more than one hour too early)

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