Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spiritual Guidance through the telephone

I spent several days trying to enter three quilts for „Fantastic Fibers“at the YeiserArt Centre.
I had created an account a couple of weeks ago already, and correctly remembered the my username and password. I even managed to upload images and detail images of the quilts, and had entered all the relevant information. I could even see that three entries were in my ‘cart’.

Detail of "Euro-Blues", entered at Fantastic Fibers

But when it came to billing, it got problematic. Neither checking the Paypal option nor the Credit Card option got me to a point where I got a button that I could proceed with checkout. When I chose “review cart” I kept seeing the same screen over and over again, with no indication what was missing. When I clicked on “checkout” to get me out of that loop, I had to re-enter all the information. I did not choose “cancel” because I was afraid it might delete my uploaded entries in total.
I e-mailed the administrative assistant, John Henry, who was trying to be helpful, but had never heard of anybody else with this problem and suggested I try again from another computer. Same problem. I was beginning to wonder whether this was a sign that I wasn’t supposed to enter this one? Was it me?
When time was running out yesterday afternoon, just a few hours before the deadline for entries ended, I decided to call Kathy Loomis, assuming that she would have entered and would be familiar enough with the entry procedure to know what I was talking about. She had indeed completed her entry a few hours before, but was also surprised when I described my problem. Thanks to the portable phones these days I could take the receiver with me, and while I was talking to her describing what was going wrong I was repeating the same processes at the computer. I don’t remember whether I did anything differently than during my numerous attempts before, except for entering one sentence in the box “comments on purchase” (which had not been marked as obligatory). But with Kathy’s spiritual guidance through the telephone, this time it worked. Suddenly I got another screen that my entry was complete, and immediately after that received the confirmation e-mail. Thank you, Kathy.

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