Thursday, January 3, 2013

Colour of the month and Daily Art for 2013

So this post on December 31, 2012, was the last instalment of my daily art project in 2012, Color of the month. Again, the color purple wasn’t as difficult as I had thought it might be in terms of finding purple items. (Though I do admit, after the first round purple I had always been on the lookout for purple, which means that this time around I could rely on other pictures in my files than just the flowers from June...) Both of the last two months, however, November and December, were difficult in terms of lighting and color perception. These grey German winters – if I could, I would definitely scratch them from the calendar!

It was a fun project. Partly because it was so interesting to experience the difference when opening the various folders on my computer where I had saved the pictures:

The folder 'blue'

The folder 'orange'

The folder 'purple'

The folder 'yellow'

What I will do with those pictures I haven’t used I haven’t yet decided. Perhaps a memory game. Except that we already have so many memory games, and my son is slowly growing out of them... Of course I could print a special limited art edition with, let’s say, a circulation of ten and then sell it for an outrageous price, finally making some money with my art?

But I will also continue looking out for new possibilities with colours, so here is my Daily Art project for 2013: Colour of the day.
  • Every day of the year I will take a picture of a colour following the sequence red – orange – yellow – green – blue – purple, changing every day. That way I will have each colour appearing on each day of the week eventually, and several times a month.
  • The picture HAS to be taken on that day – no going back to archives.
  • If I really can’t find that colour on a particular day, the next colour in the sequence may be substituted, but then the colour missed must appear the next day, not skipped.
  • At the end of the month, one picture of each colour will be chosen to be posted on the blog.

Now what I will have to do is really keep track of which day it is and which colour I should be looking for...

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