Thursday, October 25, 2012

More activities

When I gave my report on what I have been doing with myself and my quilting since my return from Ste. Marie-aux-Mines, I left out two important activities.
For one thing, I was also preparing for a class I am teaching at my local church hall this fall, on the pattern “Irish Chain”. I sewed samples and prepared instruction sheets, so the participants will have something to take home.

So far we have done the Single Irish Chain, and the Double Irish Chain. And I am really beginning to like the pattern. Next week we will be doing the Triple Irish Chain, and after that they have to chose their project and get started on it.

Samples for demonstrating the pattern "Double Irish Chain" -
not my favorite color in the background squares,
but I sure do like the combination overall!

For the other part, I have been getting busy in my function as a SAQA co-rep for Europe/Middle East and was busy setting up a regional blog. This is a blog for and about the SAQA members in the region, and their activities with regard to art quilts. I will be the manager. I devised a header by combining the SAQA-logo with the blog title:

Only a few more adjustments, and then the blog will be ready for input by regional SAQA members. You can check out the blog here.
Setting up this blog has taught me yet a bit more about blogger, and I finally managed to set my own blogs onto Middle-European Standard Time... It had never really bothered me before, but now I won’t have to calculate anything anymore when I upload a post in advance. So just before we are changing back to Winter Time this blog has caught up with Europe. (My son is an early riser – he wakes up by himself at six o’clock in the morning. It will probably be a while before he will have adapted.) And the dates and language for comments etc. is now English. Only took me almost two years, I am a really quick learner.


  1. I bet if you had really needed to set the dates you would have done it! some things we only learn when there is a purpose driving it. I look forward to seeing the SAQA blog develop.

  2. Linda, you are right, of course. I didn't mind at all blogging on Pacific Time - kind of reminded me of my time in California. - Yes, it will be interesting to see the SAQA-blog develop. Thanks for commenting.