Friday, October 12, 2012

Beyond „Beyond Comfort“, „Color Improvisations“ and Carrefour Ste. Marie-aux-Mines

Currently I have five quilts travelling in internationally oriented exhibits.
Two of them are with SAQA’s “Beyond Comfort”, which will next be ssen at the Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio, from January 13 through March 10, 2013.
Two of them just had an appearance at the Alexandra Palace Knitting and Stitching Show to – “Color Improvisations” was in London, and is now scheduled to go to Dublin and then Neumünster in Northern Germany in December, before going on to other international venues. The fifth quilt is my jury member’s contribution to this year’s Contest at the Carrefour Ste. Marie-aux-Mines, which will be travelling with the exhibition for a whole year before it gets returned.
And of course, I had that big show in Ste. Marie-aux-Mines in September, so overall I guess I could already now say it has been a successful year.
However, I did not get into any of the other shows to which I submitted entries throughout the year. Neither EQA nor Quilt Triennale nor SAQA’s Wide Horizons III, nor Schweinfurth’s Quilts=Art=Quilts, and, most recently, Quilt National. Now with QN I didn’t get my hopes up high to begin with, having heard about the numbers of entries, which reduces probability to get selected even further than in any other big event. And I’m in good company when looking at all the people I have heard from who got declined as well. I think that might make a wonderful exhibit – “We did not get in”! (And, of course, it raises VERY high expectations as to the quality of the show as such, when all those well-known people were rejected.)  And after my experience as a jury member at the Carrefour, I have heard that I have been the cause of indignation in others, whom I (well, partly I) rejected...
Conclusions from this? Keep trying, don’t take it personally, and look for other chances and possibilities to exhibit.

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