Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer pictures: harvest time

Last week I managed to talk my son into taking a bike trip with me. The day before we had been to a tour about / Streuobstwiese with the Rotary Club, and there had been at least two plum trees that hadn’t been harvested, and the guide had also told us that nobody usually harvested the fruit. But I love plum tart, especially at this time of the year, and we don’t have our own tree. So my son and I hitched my little trailor to the bike, and set off.
We did pick plums indeed, many.

And we have had tart from them twice already, the rest has been deep frozen.

But there was a lot more of a harvest feeling in the air, even if not everything depicted on these pictures is edible for us.

At this time of year I always think I would have made a good farmer – there is such an urge in me to harvest, make preserves and prepare food storage for winter. Although I don't have a vegetable garden...

And the oaks are predicting a harsh winter indeed, their acorns are thick, and very many. 

Which is good – although I am enjoying summer right now, I do want a winter with lots of snow, for snow dyeing.

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