Sunday, August 5, 2012

New function: SAQA co-rep for Europe/Middle East

In January I filled out some questionnaire for SAQAwhich ended with a question whether I would be interested in being more active in the advancement of SAQA, to which I ticked a “yes”. Only a few weeks later I received an e-mail whether I would want to become the co-representative for SAQA for the Europe/Middle East region. After talking it through with my husband and asking a few questions I agreed to do so, under the condition that we would wait until August. I assumed that by then – which now is now – I would most likely have completed most of what I was working on for my solo exhibit in Ste. Marie-aux-Mines, and that I would feel more at ease in denoting some of my time for volunteer work for such an organization.
SAQA is an American organization working towards the promotion and advancement of art quilts, and I have been a member for almost three years now. In this time, three of my quilts have been part of SAQA exhibits. Two just got turned down, though... I enjoy reading the SAQA magazine, and checking out the website.
So now is August, and I have downloaded and printed out the official handbook for representatives, and am getting acquainted with the “end side” of the SAQA homepage, which so far I did not know existed.
I had already agreed to staff the SAQA table at the Birmingham Festival of Quilts  in a few weeks for a little while when I am there, and I will take part in the get-together for SAQA members on Friday afternoon during the festival (though only for part of the time, as I had signed up for a workshop even before I agreed to become the co-rep).
I am looking forward to meeting new and interesting people through this new function, and am curious as to the opportunities that will hopefully arise from this. 

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