Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Liebster Blog"-Award - passing it on

I still haven’t managed to find out who donated this award, and when. Nor do I know who formulated or altered the conditions that come with it – basically, I know them from Kathy’ blog, and when they are mentioned on other pages by people who are recipients of the award. You can find these easily enough by googling for “Liebster Blog”.
I have already posted the logo on my entry upon receiving the award, thanked Kathy for the honor, and linked her blog onto mine.
So what remains to be fulfilled is the passing on of the award. For this I had given me a few days for consideration due to the fact that my most favorite blog is Kathy’s, and I can’t really just pass it back to her, especially since she is a double-winner already.
My time of consideration was severely lengthened due to my temporary loss of the computer when it went for repairs. Which also made it impossible to do a bit more intensive reading of the blogs I have bookmarked, trying to make up my mind...
My second-favorite blog – and I am even a registered reader of this one, whereas most of those blogs which get the honor of my attention are simply bookmarked in my browser – is
„Not allthose who wander are lost“  by India Flint. But she has more than 800 registered readers and is aiming for the mark of 900, so she is not qualified as a small blog. Other blogs I like looking at and find very useful and interesting are those by Terry Jarard-Dimond (who is also a previous bearer of the award), and LisaCall (who does not post a number of her followers on her page). Susanne Muus and Bärbel Lehrke always have interesting things for people who like dyeing. But I settled on Magaret Ramsay as the recipient of my passing on the Liebster-Blog award.
I don’t know Mags personally (yet), but I’ve been following her blog since we both appeared in the same issue of Patchwork Professional last July.

Featured artist:
Margaret Ramsay,
with her work on the cover
of "Patchwork Professional" last year July.

I like the way she combines her own pictures/paintings with her textile work. And although I haven’t ever heard her voice yet the ‘sound’ of her writing is just very pleasant to hear. I’m sure there are a number of other people out there who might like to read her entries. Though judging from her world map of clicks onto her blog it seems that she has quite a few more readers than are registered. Well done, Margaret – looking forward to reading more!

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