Thursday, February 16, 2012

Quilt Triennale 2012

Last Saturday I sent off my entry documents for the “Quilt Triennale”, a tri-annual competition initiated by the "Textilsammlung Max Berk" in Heidelberg. The letter had to be postmarked by the next day at the latest, so it was a tight fit, as so often with me and participation in competitions.
I had only decided at the beginning of the week before that I would actually enter a piece as I had been planning for most of the last year. When I had sat down with my husband  in early January to figure out our schedulesand was so hit with all that I was planning to do, I had sort of scrapped any entries to competitions such as European Art Quilts or others immediately. Couldn’t miss out on any running meter of quilt for my solo at Ste. Marie!
But then I finished a large quilt in the second half of January, measuring 1,80 on every side, that I had been working on for quite a while, sometimes even struggling hard. At first I was only happy to have it off my hands, then I finally decided that it was worth to try and enter this one.
If it gets taken, I have 2,30 m more to fill by September (that’s the measurement of the quilt plus the distance between quilts as set by the organizers.) If it doesn’t make it, I will still be able to show it in Ste. Marie. We’ll see what happens.

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