Monday, January 23, 2012

Daily Oak is in the News...

Well, I have to be honest and change that to “Daily Oak is in the newspaper”. I’ve been freelancing a bit for the local newspaper since last July, and had to do an article on trees and the public’s reaction to the felling of trees. This has been quite an issue in Germany, as only the begginning of the felling of trees initiated the protests against the construction of the new main station in Stuttgart, which ultimately led to the change of government in Baden-Württemberg early last year. And there have been a number of instances in our town where trees were felled in situations that not everybody could understand.
So I took the chance and sneaked in a picture of perspective b into the article.

And I thought I should take the chance to show you a few more pictures of guest trees, which Kathy requested. She’s right – I was rather neglectful on that part.

These two were taken during our family holiday on the coast of the North Sea, diring which we did actually have four or five days of sunshine:

This oak I felt very sorry for –what a brutal way to trim it. It almost hurt me to look at it:

And here is another oak that had suffered badly at some point:

This linden tree was happily blooming away right next to the German autobahn, at a rest stop:

These trees were part of our view from our cottage during my stay in Switzerland:

And I keep finding myself looking out of the window, trying to figure out “how is the light – is it a good time to go...?” Obviously, I haven’t really lost touch with the project yet. So here art two pictures of Daily Oak which I took just recently, on one of the very few nice days when I went back to the tree for sentimentality’s sake.

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