Thursday, January 5, 2012

Colour of the month

My first introduction to daily art occurred when I was studying about conceptual art, and almost at the same time I also discovered Kathleen Loomis' blog, on which she regularly reported about her daily art projects. I have been making art on a pretty regular basis, and taking lots of pictures, almost every day before, so I was very attracted to the idea of doing something in the art realm according to self-defined rules on a daily basis. The inspirational power of daily art made itself felt already by just following Kathy Loomis' blog during the first half of 2010. It grew much stronger through our cooperation project 'Daily Mail' which started in September 2010. Last year I then started my own daily art project "Daily Oak" which ended on December 31, 2011. When Daily Oak was nearing its end I knew I wanted to continue with something similar, but it took a while for me to make up my mind what I would be doing. (I have started several 'daily' projects which are more comparable to daily finger exercises on the piano than to real art making, but those were not enough. But taking part in the Bauhaus-workshop last November gave me the final clue for my new daily art project for 2012. The initial idea had been hovering around me for quite a while, yet had long refused to take a definite shape.
As we were thinking about yellow triangles, blue circles and red squares I decided it would be worth the while to concentrate on taking photographs that focussed on colour. Each month will be dedicated to either a primary or a secondary colour. The primary colours will appear during the months that have 31 calendar days, while the secondary colours will appear during the shorter months. The photos will be posted at least twice a month, and numbered, one photo for every day. Preferrably the picture will have been taken on that day, but if no beautiful purple flower was in bloom that day and happened to appear right before my camera I may go to my photo files and pick a purple picture from there.
So for the first six months of the year the pictures will concentrate on 'one colour'. After that time I will decide how I will continue for the remainder of the year – I might choose to simply do a second round, or I may do ‘double occurrences’, or perhaps something else yet.

The first month of the year is dedicated to the primary colour red.
Here are the first four pictures for RED:






  1. Great idea! - I set up a separate blog a few years ago called 'catching colour' to do just that. You've given me the push to restart it!

  2. Let me know the site, I'll check it out!