Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November Blues

November is definitely not my type of month. Too much fog, too few hours of daylight.

Isn’t this stifling to anyone’s creativity?

A few years ago I would try to escape by going on vacation to sunnier spots such as the Canary Islands. Can’t really do that when you have a six-year-old who just entered school. One time I made the quilt which I called “More Light!”, and which was an important step in my development.
This year I tried to overcome the greyness by going away to a workshop, which I will write about in a couple of days. (It was mostly foggy there, too, but the whole arrangement was inspiring enough.)
Apart from that I did a lot of cleanup. Found a floor beneath lots of boxes which had not been emptied, partly from things that had gone on before summer vacation. Funnily enough, when I put those boxes back into the shelves where they belong, there was room in the shelves, too. Dates back to my fabric party in January.

Took my sewing machine for a little check-up.
Then I continued cleaning up my writing desk. Lots of stacks there, too (I am lousy at putting away paper stuff.) Now that November is drawing to a close perhaps I can get into a creative working mood again. The blue scraps are waiting – but they needed some gestation time, as I have been realizing these past few days. The piece will be called “international blues” or something along that line. Almost as good as more light.

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