Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Human Being" - exhibition by Michaela Geissler

Our local church is featuring a small but very impressive exhibition of sculptures by Michaela Geissler, an artist working in clay, who lives nearby on a secluded old farm. 
I got to go into the church at night a couple of days before the opening, when the sculptures had already been put up. They took on an almost gloomy appearance then.

The sculptures up front are huge - befitting the wide area in the front of the church. During the day they look like this:
Beyond the back row: two listeners

Up front: three impressive clay "human beings"
The white sheets on the wall cover up two woven rugs from Peru which have been hanging there for a number of years. Beautifully woven rugs, but not really something that is advantageous to this church... Which cannot be said of the sculptures, I think.

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