Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Scrapped out

In the beginning of September, after we returned from our summer vacation, I was sorting my blue scraps to give my creativity a boost. 
I love creating new fabrics, and using them, nevertheless I have a hard time throwing anything out that is larger than a square inch. Which leads to a situation that looks like this:  lots of small plastic bags, all filled with scraps sorted by approximate color value.

That has given me wonderful materials – I have used lots of leftovers from the background colours in “Play of Lines VI” for the background in the left hand panel of “Play of Lines VIII”.

Play of Lines VI

Play of Lines VIII
These past weeks now sorting the blue scraps has worked well for me, I have been working on a quilt that is using up almost all of my blue scraps. This has had intermediate stages that looked like this.

The current stage of the quilt is this: rolled up, waiting for the next step, for which I need to get some material first which is not obtainable in my town.

The whole thing weighs just a little over 1 kilogram. Now is that a whole lot of scraps used up or not?

As this quilt is going to be entered at European Art Quilt or, if not accepted there, will be part of my exhibition at Ste. Marie-aux-Mines next fall, I won’t show more of it here before that has been decided. But I am low on blue scraps now, this is all there is left. 

Of course, there are lots of scraps in other colors left, such as yellow, or orange, ...

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