Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Beyond Comfort" - catalogue arrived in Germany!

Yesterday I finally received my complimentary copy of the catalogue for the “Beyond Comfort” exhibit, in which I have two quilts traveling right now. As I had not been able to go and see the exhibit at its opening in venue in Birmingham due to a mistake in planning our family holidays this year, I had been eagerly waiting for the catalogue because I wanted to know what “company” I was being shown in.
At first I was surprised because somehow it had not really registered with me that it is a select show of thirty quilts – even greater the honor to be one of the three artists represented with more than one quilt!
When sitting down to look at the catalogue in detail I was struck by the variety of the pieces included. After all, despite the fact that the challenge had been to move beyond the comfort zone of one’s artmaking until then, the artwork still had to meet the definition of “art quilt” as stated on SAQA’s homepage.
I tried to decide on a favorite – excluding my own ones, because, of course, I’m biased about those. But I couldn’t make up my mind completely.
I love the linework in ‘Mozart’ by Lynne Morin (all pictures taken from the catalogue - forgive the quality, my fault):

I love the approach of ‘When Fog Lifts’ by Tamar Drucker – "use your scrap bag, it’s all you’ve got!" And I was thrilled by Sharon Bell’s two pieces, 'Cascade', and 'Streaming'. Both of these capture the themes so clearly, but the simplicity and purity of design speak so beautifully for themselves that they would be just as powerful if they came without a title.

I sincerely regret that I did not get to see the exhibit in Birmingham, and who knows whether I will be able to see it anywhere at all...
Thanks to Eileen Doughty who curated the exhibit, and to Deidre Adams for the beautiful catalogue design.

The catalogue can be ordered via SAQA's store. I certainly am going to get a few copies to give away to friends.

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