Monday, May 30, 2011

Daily Oak - Guest Tree report for February, March and April

In February I decided that I would try to find guest trees on days that I was not at home and could therefore not go and take my daily picture of 'my' oak tree in my daily art project.

Since then I have mentioned the number of pictures of guest trees taken in the Daily Oak statistics, and by now I think it is time that you got to see some of them.

With guest trees I do not take care to find out which kind they are. The pictures are taken because the shape or location of the tree make an impression on me, or because the lighting in the leaves, or my position under them, or because of their beautiful flowers.

February 22 -
Out of four trees in the Fulda Franciscan
monastery, three carried last year's nests...
what a song that must have been!

March 6, art tree by Örni Poschmann

March 7 - guest skyline

March 8 - guest shadows
April 19 - a tree as a power line?
April 23 - lonely in a swamp

April 26 - diverging

April  25 - guest tree statue

I also found the real sign for this project, which in a way is about a live oak...

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