Thursday, February 17, 2011

Daily Oak - amended rules

In my first report on my daily art project 'Daily Oak' I reported that I had missed only one day in the month of January.

In February, I have already missed two because I was out of town visiting my parents. 
And I am going to miss at least two more, because I will be spending this weekend out of town, too, and although I plan to catch an early shot tomorrow morning right after taking my son to kindergarten, I will not be able to do so on Saturday and Sunday. When I returned from my visit to my parents, I tried to take a late night picture, but due to the situation with the street lamps (Daily Oak is standing right at an intersection) that doesn't work at all, and a return after sunset definitely means 'no picture on that day'. Which will happen on Sunday, too. 
While I was thinking about this - and the more and more numerous days looming ahead when I will be traveling to North Carolina in April, taking a family holiday with my husband and son during the summer, or two weeks in Falera in Switzerland, interpreting for Jan Myers-Newbury and taking a class with Nancy Crow, and how that would look on the statistics, I came up with an idea for an amendment of my rules:

On every day that I am not in town, I will try to take a picture of another impressive tree wherever I am and include these in the overall project, featuring them as "Guest Trees", so to speak.
But I only came up with this idea this morning, so I am lacking two pictures for February 5 and February 6. I did take a nice picture of trees on the evening of February 4 just across the street from my parents' house, but it can't feature in Daily Oak, because I have pictures for February 4:

So here is my request for help: Is anybody out there who took  a picture of a tree or trees on February 5 and February 6? Send them in, I will post them in the report on March 1. Similarly for this upcoming weekend - after all, I may not find a really nice one. Take your chance, submit a guest tree to this blog!
Looking forward to what I may receive!

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