Saturday, December 11, 2010

Making plans, and what becomes of them…

This week seems to be the week of thwarted plans.

Originally, I had wanted to start dyeing another dye chart fron yet again different shades of red, yellow and blue, to have more colors at my disposal for my little fabric club. And I had wanted to go to an interesting opening of an exhibition last night.

The dyeing was completely intefered with, however, because a few weeks ago we discovered that the tiles that covered the walls of the laundy room in the basement where I also do my dyeing where falling off.
Because we had had water in the basement earlier in the summer, experts were called in, and they found out that the walls were dry, the tiles stuck very well to the plaster they had been put on – but the plaster was coming off the wall. My husband and I had agreed that since no immediate danger seemed looming we would have the necessary repairs done in February. Early last week we received a call from the firm which had been chosen to do it that they had a three-day slot this week, that the work would be finished within that time and that they would prefer to do it now rather than later. So I packed up everything into boxes, stored it in the next room. The tilers came, were very efficient, did a neat job and left after three days.

New tiles - imagine, how glad I am
that the new tiles are white!
Before, it was all covered with similarly
colored tiles as the floor still is ...

The problem was the sink in the laundry-room. We had decided to replace it with a larger sink because it was going off the wall anyway, and I wanted a bigger sink than the original one, which had been in the house when we moved in. However, the sink will be installed by a different firm, they don’t have the one I want in stock, and right now we have a perfectly tiled laundry-room without a sink. At least the washer and dryer are working, and I can take care of the laundry while waiting for the sink. It is supposed to come ‚sometime early next week’. Let’s hope it does.

The opening of the interesting exhibition yesterday evening, on the other hand, was interfered with by the weather. It was supposed to take place in Rotthalmuenster, a small town more than an hour east of where I live. But we had lots of snow during the night before:

This is how our car greeted us when we
opened the door yesterday morning.

Although it had stopped snowing during the morning I did not really feel like driving for over an hour in these road conditions, and more snow called for by the weather people. So I did not get to go.
I’m interested in the concept: Jutta Koch-Franciso, a friend of mine, is a gold-smith, has a wonderful shop in Rotthalmünster, goldrichtig (sorry, no website), and always has interesting shows going on in her shop.
I was lucky to exhibit a few of my quilts there together with unusual furniture pieces handmade by carpenter Winfried Neuhäuser in 2009.

Quilt by Uta Lenk, furniture (except the mirror!) by Winfried Neuhäuser

Quilts by Uta Lenk, furniture by Winfried Neuhäuser
(except the display stand for jewellery).
Jutta has now rented out part of her very spacious shop-windows. The tenants, Franziska Lankes and André Hasberg, have started to organize ‚shop window exhibits’ in these windows. Certainly a very interesting way to add to the cultural life in a small town.
They started off with a show of Franziska’s own work – and unfortunately I couldn’t go to that opening either, because I was out of town then. Yesterday they started the second exhibit, BRUT by Lena Zehringer, and I really wanted to see how they do it, and to find out what people come to the opening. When the weather gets better I defifnitely want to go and have a look at it, or at least go to the next opening in February.

Do you know about other or similar alternative ways to exhibit art work? Let me know, and perhaps you can tell me how they were received by the public, too.

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