Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dyeing with snow – first results

Snowfall continued heavily until this morning, and I have indeed set up a little experiment with snow dyeing every day. They are calling for heavy rain tomorrow, but I do hope it will be snow again! And the results so far have been exciting and encouraging. In case you are curious, I now want to present the first results.

As I did not want to turn on the washer for only two pieces of fabric I have thoroughly rinsed them in the sink and then hung them up to dry. They were photographed without having been ironed. I will continue to collect further results and then wash them all together when a full load has assemble. Then I will present pieces that will have been ironed!

This picture shows approx. half of the piece that was dyed in blue. Snow was heaped onto a dry piece of fabric in this case:

And this is the result of the so far unknown shade of Brown Rose, again approx. half the piece of fabric:

I particularly like this little area in the lower half of the piece, where the mesh printed itself onto the fabric. 

It is only a very small area. But certainly an incentive to use this mesh for printing, too. I hope I can get more from the building company that did the renovation of our house last year!

And I do believe I might try to get some more of this color!

Once the washer has been through a full load, I will present the other results, too. 

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  1. the brown rose is especially beautiful! a good reason to wish for more snow