Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Two days left before the opening

On Saturday my next exhibit will open at „the Petersberg“. You can download your personal invitation here.

The Petersberg“ is a Catholic Rural Community College just west of Dachau, near Munich, where I have been teaching patchwork classes for several years now. Here is a photo which I have downloaded from their website:

Petersberg -
the fountain in front of the window of the room
where my classes usually take place

What I like about this house  is the friendly and open atmosphere and the fact that one can rely on the staff with all one’s needs and wishes. And it is simply wonderful not to have to deal with little organizational matters such as, e.g., mailing the lists of materials needed to the participants. And we can sit down at a loaded table for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including a fantastic salad buffet. It is easy to focus on one’s work there. The number of participants who keep returning shows that this is a very successful concept.

This coming weekend I will also be teaching a class, which will only be interrupted by the opening of the exhibit on Saturday night. The class is called „Finish your UFOs!“ And I myself will probably be working on a UFO until the very last minute before the opening, which will then be sneaked up on the wall as the first guests arrive … I am running just a little late with this because, as always, there are a lot of things that still need to get done before an opening – having hanging strips cut for new quilts, finishing the signs, writing a price list, etc. Not to talk about sinking all these threads and finishing the binding of this last quilt… Who was it that said "if it weren't for the last minute, a lot of things would never get done"?

I actually finished sewing this particular top over a year ago, and had immediately put it onto my standing frame for handquilting as I wanted to use this quilt to return to handquilting for some of my quilts. However, after an impressive start with the quilting, that’s where it was. And that's where it stayd. Too many other quilts called to be made for my exhibit in Dortmund last May, the various calls for entry which I entered this year - 10 days ago I finally took it down from the frame, took out those hand-stitches I had already put in and started quilting it by machine. In fact, I think it will turn out much better now than if it had been hand-quilted. But there are still numerous threads to be sunk and the binding and the tunnel to be finished – we won’t know until the very last minute, whether I will make it or not!

The exhibit will show all my quilts from the series 'Metamorphoses' and 'Play of Lines' which are not traveling with another exhibition and which haven't been sold, and a few quilts which were made before the Metamorphoses.

Hope to see you there!

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