Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eternal Calendar

Last Friday I received two large and heavy boxes, which were so heavy that the delivery man wouldn’t even carry them to the door before I had answered and thus shown that he would not have to carry them back to his van. In these were my 150 copies of my (eternal) calendar with pictures of quilts from my series „Play of Lines“.

The series was first initiated by a couple of charismatic line drawings by my then 2 ½- and 3-year-old son. A few of the quilts in the series, which has meanwhile grown to number XXIII, have also been inspired by other images of lines, but a number of those early line drawings are still begging me to be transformed into quilts. As had done the first in the series, which is featured on the title page of the calendar:

Play of Lines I (2008)

March features one of the two quilts on display in the international show Color Improvisations, curated by Nancy Crow.

Play of Lines VIII (2009)

Color Improvisations has been shown in Stuttgart (pictures of the opening can be seen here), Germany, and, a selection, at Ste. Marie-aux-Mines, France, and will again be on display in Karlsruhe, Germany, in May 2011. Further international venues are still being negotiated.

And June features another interpretation of the first drawing.

Play of Lines XI (2009)

All of these quilts are made of my hand-dyed fabrics.

Of course, not all twenty-two quilts of the series Play of Lines could be included in the calendar. If you would like to buy a calendar (€ 17 per copy, plus actual postage), please send me a mail here.

Those quilts which are not traveling with Color Improvisations, and No. XXI, which was sold to Canada during the most recent fund-raising for SAQA, will be on display in my next exhibition for two months, starting this coming Saturday.

I will give you more information about this exhibition tomorrow.

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