Friday, January 4, 2019

Christmas Goodies, New Year, changes

Christmas treated me well in terms of fibre goodies. After publicly admitting that I had broken my vow to finish off most of my sock yarn before ever buying any new ones all defense mechanisms had broken down. I had ordered a few balls on sale from Zen Yarn Garden (and am thankful to Kathleen Loomis for shipping them because the sale vendor would not ship to Germany, and I had to sneakely give them a US-address) and a few sale items from sock obsession yarns (who were kind enough to ship to Germany, but of course one has to be careful about the amount and postage and customs). So my box full of sock yarns is truly overflowing now. These have not even been admitted yet.

I also received a gift of some spinning fibre, which included a sample packet of luxury fibers, and a sample packet of Blue Faced Leicester mixes. And a bit of camel and alpaca, and wool with silk and...

Before Christmas, during advent, I had had an advent calendar with fibres, merino with silk, with one 20-g-pack to open every day, hand-dyed, in a color way of which you did not know in the beginning where it would end.

Although I did start to spin it already on the first day of advent I haven't finished spinning it all. But I am on color no. 7, and I have decided how I am going to ply it.  So now I know where I am going with this.

I slept through New Years fireworks because I had to go to work at 5.40 a.m. on the 1st, with a practical exam on the 2nd. But since I have never been a great one to go to New Years' parties, that was ok. Next week I will be going back to school for four weeks, then another stretch of work on the ward.
Before Christmas some more developments took place with my school-study situation, and these require that I make a few more changes to my schedule and 'everything that I want to be doing'-load. Which led to a hard but quickly found and next day executed decision, namely that I have discontinued writing my German blog. I had started that when I was beginning the fabric club, then began writing an English blog a few days later. I always tried to keep them different from each other, and it has been a good deal of work, and time consuming to come up with enough (of what I think) interesting aspects to keep both of them going, and disparate, and sort of regular... Now that I am not doing the fabric dyeing business anymore, and because of the fact that the number of readers for the English blog is noticeable higher, I have decided to concentrate on writing the English blog. Time has become much more precious since October, and if I want to continue writing anything at all something needed to change. (A design brush up might be necessary sometime soon, too.) I do hope to be able to keep posting regularly, slightly more frequently than lately, and with new and interesting ideas about textile work in the New Year. Happy New Year 2019 to everyone, may it be peaceful, gentle and full of love.

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  1. Happy New Year! Look at all the wool! Perhaps you can read and/or memorise your studies while you spin the wool!