Saturday, October 6, 2018

How to deal with your yellow scraps, or progress report....

1. Look at your collection of yellow scraps in the box of bags with scraps assorted by colors.
2. Realize that you have quite a few of yellow scraps.
3. Decide that you are going to do something about it – a whole year’s worth of a project using up yellow scraps. Set yourself a few rules – such as ‘use as they are’, ‘don’t cut additional ones’, ‘embroider them to a foundation, only using a machine in extremely dire situations’, ‘at least one a day’…
4. Start attaching them to some other fabric for which it was hard to find a suitable use.
5. Happily stitch along for a few weeks, thinking the numbers are dwindling, until you reach a minor moment of panic thinking there might not be enough yellow scraps to last you through the year.  This is the critical moment – because then you start searching for other projects that will produce additional scraps that fit the rules. Of course, not only yellow ones, but you will find that you will be particularly pleased to see yellow ones turning up.
6. Find interesting things such as ties from presents that have a tinge of yellow in them.
7. When given the slightest chance, grab anything textile that is yellow.
8. On the occasion of a heap of textile remnants being dismantled, spend a good half an hour searching for anything yellow in that heap…

And by about two thirds of the year over you will realize: despite the fact that you have been using scraps diligently, 

that you have made progress on the project, 

that you even have decided on a venue where you want to enter the result (i.e. adding a strong urge to keep working on the thing to get it finished) you will realize that your stash of yellow scraps seems to have multiplied instead of dwindled. 

You can start sorting out those scraps that are 'too straight', 'too strippy', for some other project.


Still - your supply of yellow scraps will have increased over time.

Not only that. Other color scraps have increased as well. Which will make you look at your collection of blue or red scraps for next year …


  1. It looks amazing. It's fascinating how a simple idea and process can lead to something monumental - I think it's partly about the time invested. I know what you mean about scraps generating scraps!

  2. This makes me laugh! The results look good. Keep going.