Friday, July 6, 2018

Naming the Baby

After a few weeks break on and distance to the project that I was working on during the textile artist symposium due to vacation, teaching and another absence with mytrip to the island I have come back. It was taking its time, and although I wasn’t sure why I listened to my inner voice that kept telling me to wait before continuing. During that process I decided not to stitch the contours on the remaining three articles that are rather fine in the handwriting.

Backside view of the Thai script, one of the articles I decided to not give a contour.

I also decided against putting the finished piece onto a wooden frame, which had been my original thought. Mostly because I have never put a quilt of that size onto a wooden frame, my experience is constricted to smaller sized pieces, and I did not want to risk anything with this piece.

So today, after finishing the side facings and attaching the fabric that will be the lower tunnel, I sat down with my husband for a bit of brainstorming while he was watching the first quarter final of the World Championships. The working title ‘text messages 18’ is just not expressive enough.
And I arrived at the decision to call it “#UDHR (text messages 18)”. 

Now I can finish the remaining steps, and am planning to take it to be photographed on Monday, and deliver it to the city authorities.

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