Monday, August 21, 2017

Traveling on

Meanwhile, my son and I have moved on in our travels of the land of the free.

Kathy took us to pick up our rented car on Saturday morning, and then we hit the road toward the South.

We had a reservation for a tour of Mammoth Cave.

We have had some wonderful impressions in supermarkets.

Today we went canoeing on Harpeth River and had a wonderful time.

And tomorrow we are looking forward to the big event... the solar eclipse.


  1. I have been following your and Kathy Loomis's blogs since 2009. (We were sent Kathy's advice on the 100 yard fabric requirement for Nancy Crow's class when she toured South Africa.) You both are such knowledgeable writers on art and art quilts and many other subjects, that I can only imagine how delightful it must be to sit and chat.

    1. It is, Titia - and it is amazing how strong a friendship can be that lives on very few personal meetings, otherwise nourished only by e-mail contact and blog encounters. But we are hoping for more creative retreats (without my son in tow) in the not too far future!