Saturday, April 15, 2017


For me, trees are a constant source of fascination. When I travel, I see possibilities for daily photo projects in tree arrangements, as in this threesome, which I caught a few days ago when my husband and I were in Bad Wörishofen.

Or our Magnolia tree in the garden, which, for the first time in the almost twelve years that we have been living in this house, has managed to bloom without all the flowers being destroyed by onsetting rain right after the blossoms opened up.

Or color combinations like this in the spring which convince me that spring is definitely the nicest season - while it's on - ...

Yesterday I went for a bike ride in the area and finally found a very nice beech tree that meets all my requirements for the next daily art tree - except for the fact, that it is not in biking distance to be covered every day.

Would it be ok to go there only once a week? Have to think about that...
Happy Easter to everyone!

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