Monday, November 14, 2016

The week after

Ever since last Tuesday/Wednesday I have been trying to avoid listening to the news. My husband fills me in every now and then about what he thinks is important, so I am not completely out of it, but... Of course I heard about the earthquake in New Zealand - Kaikoura is where, just south of it, on my first bike trip, I saw a couple of yellow-eyed penguins behind a protective little fence beside the road, where they were standing, as if they were watching the traffic go by. Wonder what it looks like there now... And Leonard Cohen gone ... Not a good week out there, was it?
The week for me was very busy because I still had to prepare for the opening of International Thread's exhibition on Friday. Finished three sleeves, then on Thursday Barbara Lange and I spent a fun and hard-worked afternoon hanging up the exhibition. And on Friday morning I was busy writing the list of titles as we had actually hung them, putting in prices, updating our information sheets, and in the afternoon we went back to Munich, for the opening in the evening.
Saturday I spent the morning catching up on housework, and the afternoon at the longarm, working on a quilt which will be called "Mapping the World of My Mind" and is part of the article I am writing for Patchwork Professional Magazine.

These threads have by now been sunk, today I have gone through a steep learning curve about metallic threads on the longarm (although I have not reached the final stage in that yet) and am getting to the point where I want to say 'this is how much I am going to show in this issue', as it will need some hand-stitching, too, and definitely there will not be enough time to do it before the deadline.
This evening I went to see the 'supermoon'. On the way I caught a bit of nightly 'skyline in Bavaria'.

But I had been negligent about charging my camera's battery, and after this very first impression of the moon rising

it went dead. The clouds were rolling in, so there wasn't really much to photograph anymore anyway, and I simply watched a bit without having to check whether this would be good to photograph or not. It's pretty unlikely I will be around for the next supermoon, which they say is going to appear in 2052. There might be a slight chance, but to be honest, I don't want to hang in for that long! Not unless things take a radical change for the better, and that doesn't seem very likely right now, does it?


  1. That's a moody (and lovely) moon shot. Do you know Ansel Adams' moonrise photo? -,_Hernandez,_New_Mexico

    1. Thanks for pointing this out to me, Margaret. I know some of Adams' works (and love every single one I have seen), but I did not know this one. Very interesting. Mine is a bit blurry because my little camera does not do night pictures too well. And, to be honest, moon mood is very very hard to capture on photo. Time is better spent just enjoying what you see! But Adams' picture is fantastic!