Saturday, June 25, 2016

Optimist - Pessimist

„Optimist“ is not a word I would easily use to describe myself. “Pessimist”, on the other hand, of course, sounds rather dull and negative, but ever since I read a study on how realistic the expectations of optimists and pessimists were in comparison to what eventually happened – and that study said the pessimists tend to be much more realistic in their evaluations of situations, and, accordingly, their expectations – I have come to accept myself as what I call a “skeptic realist”. However, not even my rather skeptic realism prepared me sufficiently for the outcome of the referendum in Britain this week.

what a result!

I just can’t believe this really happened, and I am completely heartbroken. What a mess – and did anybody of those people who voted “out” really know what they were voting for? How could this thing get so very much out of hand that it turned into a nightmare of propaganda without any informational content? How could Mr. Cameron let it slip like that, but also how can the supporters of the brexit so resistently ignore all data and information to blindfold the people for an outdated nationalistic cause? It is beyond my comprehension, totally. I agree, there are many things about the political and economic aspects of the EU which I don't like either. But it would never cross my mind that things could be any better than this for any country if that country leaves the union. Working together to change things, yes, but can you really believe you can make it on your own these days?

I would always consider myself a “European” first, a European from Germany. (Of course, being born German is a special kind of burden, at least it feels like that for me, and being European is less weighted by historic atrocities.)
Did the out-ers consider the fact that this is going to seriously affect the functioning of their beloved Premier League? (And, to be honest, when I heard that, I thought wholeheartedly “Serves them right!”) Not to mention productivity, jobs and stock markets around the world?
What does it mean for the region Europe/Middle East with SAQA, for which I am the current co-rep? I suppose it is an issue we must talk about at the meeting in Birmingham in August. Of course, that is only a very minor issue in the overall image of things, but still.
My son won’t be able to easily go to England for an exchange program as many adolescents have done for years and years, and it used to be so simple to tell students at university “apply for an Erasmus exchange and do something for your English!” And they all came back so much more mature and socially and emotionally intelligent than they were before they left.
As I say, it is beyond my comprehension – and now the skeptic kicks in and really pulls me down: if the Brits can do such a stupid thing and actually listen to that British version of Mr. Trump, just what are the Americans going to do in November?
I really don’t want to turn seventy or eighty and then have to say “June 24th, 2016 was the day when all hell broke loose.” Right now the skeptic doesn’t see how it could still be avoided.

But it was good to meet with my spinning group yesterday, visiting Betina on her farm where we spent all afternoon sitting under the walnut tree, spinning away placidly, eating her fabulous strawberry cake, and not talking about Britain at all.

They also have a little pond on the premises, which is home to many frogs.

And a good occasion for skinny dipping on a - finally! - hot day, like yesterday. Cooled me down physically, but it will take a long time to cool me down emotionally!


  1. Hi Uta,
    If you look at the graphs at the side, you see that it was not as straightforward as the image suggests. It shows how divided people are about things. Very much more like half and half. So, that is the issue to pray about! A nation of 2 opinions.
    Hope things go well for you in Israel.

  2. Yes, Sandy, I know that the totally red is not the complete picture. The 50-50, however, does not make things any easier! And I still think it's hard to understand how things could get that far. Let's see what the next few days bring in terms of developments between Brussels and post-Cameron-London....