Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Keep moving....

As I was taking a little walk yesterday I found this tree face smiling at me:

I was astounded at having 'so much time' recently, but I don't have the feeling that I'm accomplishing much. My husband thinks I am on the brink of burnout because of the refugees and the long-drawn-out withdrawal from that. My friend thinks, I'm not relaxing enough, not spending enough time doing nothing. Whereas I think I have really been very slow about getting back into the swing ever since I returned from New Zealand. Lots of different opinions about what is going on.
True is that I don't find it easy to just 'do nothing'.  True is also that I am really worried about what is going to happen with all those refugees who are now being bombed out of Aleppo, and how Turkey and EU are haggling about them. I have been reading a book whose title translates as 'Understand Syria', and as I am slowly coming to the end I understand well that there is not much to understand. I don't see that there is any possible solution, not on the political negotiations' side. And what happens when 'solutions' are being brought by bombing we are now witnessing again.
So I briefly considered mending a pair of jeans with one of my sew-off-squares. Which would have made a nice addition.

But before actually sewing it on I had the idea of looking into the jeans - and realized that it did not only feel thin and worn, it actually was thinned out veil-like consistency in several other spots as well. Not much use sitting down to serious mending with this pair any more. It will be worn until it falls to pieces.

I am continuing on that Jacob's Ladder, which has progressed nicely and been pinned to the wall, but not completed yet. I am doing other scrap exercises, a kind of mindless sewing that keeps the fingers moving but is not too intellectually challenging. And I working on some exercises for an online class with Jane Dunnewold that I am taking. I could put a lot more energy into them, however - and yesterday evening as I was pinning pieces of a small composition to my wall I thought this could be the place where I should be looking for new ideas. Right now it is like physiotherapy - moving the limbs. But there was a little bit of a breeze yesterday, too.

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