Sunday, July 5, 2015

Rejected, accepted, labelled, featured – a day of notifications!

Yesterday was a day of notifications. The first one I read – as it had somehow ended up in the spam-folder – was the one informing me of the fact that my quilt “Reflections on War and Peace” had been rejected in the Alsace competition. That’s quite ok, as it really was the one I had made for last year, when I missed the deadline, and I had only entered it as a second entry. Actually, I had changed the title to make it a bit more fitting into this year’s challenge topic, but now I will enter it in other contests with its original title. 
Then - because I know that Ste. Marie-aux-Mines always only accepts one quilt from each entrant - I checked my other e-mails, and the general mail folder held the message informing me that my quilt “Reflections on ‘reflection’” had been accepted.And I was indeed glad about that. There had been a few difficulties with the online entry, I had received a funny notice about my credit card credentials and wasn’t quite sure whether everything had worked out alright. And I did not want to miss out on participation a second year in a row, after last year's mishap... But obviously it had all worked out well, now I am going to send it to France – though not with German Mail, which is still on strike after several weeks, but another carrier – and then we’ll see how this one fares in the competition. I will be going to Alsace again this year, although it is during my son’s first week in secondary school. He’ll have to deal with this with only his father at home...
I also received the label for my entry at FoQ Birmingham and will send that one off this week as well.
And I received notice from SAQA that I am one of the featured artists this month. You can see the profile here:

So that was a good Saturday after all the turmoil on Friday afternoon!


  1. how very exciting! Congratulations.

  2. I'm glad that the 'Reflections' piece was accepted and at least the other one is now ready for further entries. Good to see you featured on the SAQA site.