Sunday, June 7, 2015

Waiting for my longarm coach

Tomorrow I will be visited by a coach for my longarm machine, and I am really looking forward to that. So far some things have been working ok, some less so, and the time spent at the machine trying to get acquainted with it has not always been a happy one. I hope this will change dramatically after the one-and-a-half-day session tomorrow and the day after.
Until then, I have been biding time.
A considerate friend called me to tell me that the deadling for Ste. Marie-aus-Mines has been extended by one week. Which made me happy. Still working on reflections in the textile realm.

But not only there - last Tuesday we took a trip to Munich to a lawyer with three of the refugees, one of whom has already received a notification that he might be deported to Hungary due to Dublin-III-regulation. The other two will have their hearing at the end of the month. (I have learned so much about asylum politics in the last few weeks - and mostly it gives me the sad feeling that this is a strange and inhumane business that is taking place. In the 19th and early 20th century all the people who left (mostly) Europe and went to the US or Canada or Australia were simply called 'emigrants', and given a chance in their chosen country. Nobody asked them whether they were 'political' or 'economic' refugees. I wonder why that has changed. People have always been moving from one country to the other for all different kinds of reasons. Why does it have to be so difficult and dangerous nowadays? Why do some people not offer a decent amount of hospitality to newcomers? I could go on about this for a long time... but end of side remark.) After the lawyer, we continued our trip for an afternoon on the lake with a bit of swimming and boating - and many more reflections for the camera.

Picnic on the boat includes strawberries, fresh from the roadside stall

The reflections were many - and my son is starting to get annoyed with his mother always taking pictures of the water.

But I just can't help it, they are so wonderful to look at!

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  1. Never mind annoyed sons. It gets worse, believe me. and then suddenly you get a declaration of admiration and pride for what you have achieved. Only not extending grace and mercy to why you are always sewing. ;-)
    I hope you get the long arm aptitude and the coaching advice will be useful.
    Anyway, again, you have such an eye for these photos of reflections. Maybe the water reflections in textiles could begin a bit with some of these photos to fabric and quilting them...getting a hand to brain memory of how the ripples and such actually look/feel.