Monday, December 22, 2014

Death amongst quilts...

When I arrived at the Fagus Werk on Saturday after my long train trip, we were sad to see a little mouse which had expired in one of the sections of the room. We’re not quite sure whether it was struck dead by the beauty of the quilts, or what caused it’s demise... 

In any case, this near confrontation with death while we were taking down our exhibition sobered us up for a little while at least!

Packing up is always quick, and it was easier than I had expected. This is what I would be traveling home with:

And this wrapped up bundle of bubble foil went into a large box and will be shipped to my home address.

At six o’clock, I hopped back onto the train.

And, contrary to all expectations every single train was on time, I made all my connections (thanks to two friendly helpers especially in Nuremberg station, where I had only eight minutes to change platforms) and was home by midnight. 

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  1. At least the mouse's demise was not caused by eating the quilts! No wonder you needed help at Nuremberg but glad that you arrived home safely.