Sunday, March 30, 2014

Under attack

This past week I was struck by an attack of dyeing frenzy. Two weeks ago, when I had been at the fair in Oberstdorf, I had realized I could use some stocking up on darker colours. 

As I had to dye the March selection for the fabric club anyway, I just continued on. 

Basically I spent a lot of time in the basement, moving fabrics in the dye bath, or going up and down to check on the washing machine and dryer, which were taking their turns, or at the rotary iron.
And probably because the March selection was six different shades of gray, ‘non colors’ be academic definitions, I was struck by this attack. I kept coming up with new ideas, which I wanted to try out.
I did end up with some dark shades. But several other shades as well, that are not really that dark. I even had to resort to my smaller buckets, which I don't usually use any more as they are too small for the pieces that I normally dye.

Only part of the results of last week's work

Until I ended up without any fabric left that could be dyed... Now I have to wait for the next shipment in the beginning of May.

Meanwhile, I went to another fair with a stall today, that was much more successful than Oberstdorf had been. 

And upon my return home I left everything in the car tonight, as I am leaving for Prague Patchwork Meeting on Wednesday. 

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