Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Knitting needle storage, budget version

A few weeks ago Rachel Biel’s comment link to the Jan-29 entry on Shetland textiles history on TAFA-group on facebook pointed me to this wonderful blog by knitting designer  Kate Davies.  As knitting has been featuring more prominently in my life again lately as a pastime for using my hand without having to think too much about design and composition, because the stitches somehow happen naturally, I bookmarked Kate's blog and get the newsfeed on my blogger account now. Browsing back a little I discovered this post on how Kate reorganized herknitting needle storage
That reminded me of my knitting needle storage, which at that point looked like this:

An assortment of unassorted needle sizes, stitch samples, measuring guides...

Which already is a huge improvement over how it used to look over years, when I still held on to the long needle pairs – which I never used anymore, because it felt much too strenuous on hands and wrists when handling those. I always use circular needles, no matter whether I am knitting rows or rounds, or the double ended set of five needles for socks. So when I finally got rid of the pairs I managed to downsize to this little box, but still was always searching for the right size of needles. And, as I never closed the cover, it was accumulating dust.

Kate’s idea of using a pouch for fishing gear seemed tempting – but I was hesitant for two reasons: first I did not want to spend the amount Kate mentioned on her blog, and secondly I did not want to go into the fishers’ shop here, as the whole town would probably be talking about it the next day, and no trip to a larger town with more anonymous options in sight... But I was doing an order of office supplies, leafed through the catalogue, and found another option: a number of zip-lock bags, which I tied together, and stored in a see-through zipper pouch. One bag for the crochet needles at the top, then the measuring guides, and then follow the bags for sizes of knitting needles, starting at 2 mm, up to 6 mm, sometimes two bags per size, sometimes only one.

A new sense of order is entering my knitting life!

Serves the purpose fully. The challenge is, of course, to return needles to their respective little bags when a piece is finished...

The stitch samples went into the second pouch out of the set of three that I ordered, for sentimental sake only. 

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