Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Last days of SAQA Benefit-Auction

Since I returned from Ste. Marie-aux-Mines I have felt like a little hamster running in its wheel, which is why I haven't had time to sit down and compose a post proper. I hope things are getting better now, though.
I could not give you a really good report on Ste. Marie and its exhibitions, because I really did not get to see enough. But Quilthexle did a very interesting job in several posts, and I am sure there are other reports around. Next year I hope to spend a more leisurely time in Ste. Marie, and perhaps I will be able to give a decent (subjective) report again then.

But the title mentions the last days of the SAQA benefit auction.
Have you taken a look at the site lately? This is where you can see the quilts still avaible.
I was happy that my little quilt sold for a little more than the ones in earlier years. And I am definitely planning to contribute one again next year.

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