Friday, December 21, 2012

Not in my backyard...

So the Western media have been hyping about how oh-so-many people were so excited/upset/afraid because of the misunderstood Mayan calendar. Calling for a new time, not the end of the world, but supposedly people were still afraid that the world would end. Preparing to survive. (Who would want to survive the real end of the world anyway - only to die a few weeks or months later either of starvation or some radiation sickness, and not having had power in between to run one's sewing machine? No treadle machine in my family anymore...)
Well, the end of the world didn’t happen in my backyard – which looked like this early this morning:

Snow-covered art 

Snow sculpture

Waiting to be fed...

Waiting for warmer times: our magnolia

left-overs, now meant as bird food

Entrance to paradise, on warmer days

Play of Lines?

yet another snow sculpture
manifest drizzle

Unfortunately it has been drizzle-raining all day, so not much of this beauty will remain to give us a White Christmas. But I managed to scavenge two boxes of snow for a bit of snow-dyeing.
And today is winter solstice - and how is this for a bit of numerology: the sun turned around at twelve minutes after noon. Which looks like this: 12.12.2012 12:12.
A good occasion to pay a visit to Daily Oak at exactly this moment, the beginning of new and lighter times:
Daily Oak, perspective a, 12.12.2012, 12:12

Daily Oak, perspective b, 12.12.2012, 12:12
Here comes the sun? It will.

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