Saturday, May 26, 2012

SAQA's Aurifil Signature Thread Collection

All the ongoing things and pressure before I left for teaching a workshop at the Nadelwelt in Karlsruhe and subsequently premiering as a vendor at a larger patchwork event in Einbeck had slowed down many of my internet activities in the first part of the month – I hadn’t really been keeping up with reading newsletters and stuff. But thanks to Kathy Loomis’ first post on the SAQAAurifil Signature Thread Collection I was alerted to this poll while it was still ongoing and voted for my favorite selection sometime during the week before I left.

These were the three options you had:

set A

set B

set C

When I had completed my click (on C) I immediately found out that I had voted for what was until then the majority’s choice, so in a way I was told that, amongst those who had already voted until then, my taste is nothing out of the ordinary. Of course my decision was based on a much less sophisticated reasoning than Kathy’s line of argument in her second post on the topic,which appeared about two days after I cast my vote. I really only chose according to “which of these combinations would I want to have in my supplies?”

When I look at the beauty of palette of the entire Aurifil color card and my own favorites on it I think my very personal Signature Selection might have been a different one than the ones SAQA chose to include in their three different choices. But we werent' asked to pick our personal signature collection in this case.

Aurifil's color card - I just fell in love
with the range of beautiful colors when I first saw this card.

Aurifil has been one of my favorite threads for quite a while – which is one reason why I was so upset when I started having the breakage problems while trying to practise my machine quilting around/after Christmas. Aurifil, however, is not easy to get in Germany, so I stack up whenever I happen to be at a major event where you can find it. I do have lots of colors, though far from all of them!

The other brand of thread that I bought in search of the thread that wouldn’t break during my machine troubles is King Tut. These also come in a nice color scheme, and the thread has a very pleasant feel to it. 

I admit that I am not too thrilled with the length of color changes in their variegated colors, which follow too quickly for my taste, especially in the ones that have more contrast. But I do like their color palette, too. My plan right now is to pick out whichever color is needed from my supplies, regardless of the brand. I need to really find out how the new machine takes to them anyway.
Oh - and by now the result of the SAQA-signature election has been published, and I found out that I voted for what became the final winner. Given that I will take up the post as second co-representative for the Europe/Middle East region of SAQA on the first of August, I am quite pleased to see that my taste is in accordance with the majority of voters with regard to the threads that were chosen to represent the organization.

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