Tuesday, March 27, 2012

After 8 days offline

Lent is, of course, a time of the year when the big churches tell people they should try to “do without” something – I have friends who go seven weeks without alcohol, chocolate, or some other goody-item. Usually I don’t chime in, but this year my 8 days without a computer felt a bit like that. My touchpad had given up and I had been told it might take up to three weeks to get the machine back when they sent it in for repairs. Luckily, it still had guarantee as I had only bought it last year, so off it went, and I prepared myself for a lengthy period of abstinence, with only occasional access to a computer to briefly check e-mail.
Imagine my surprise when I received a phone-call by the repairing company only four days after I had delivered the machine at the store. They wanted to know how satisfied I was with the repair. Surprise on their side when I said I hadn’t even gotten it back yet... Due to the fact that it was only sent off from the facility after the guy talked to me, and some delivery delay, and the weekend, it took until yesterday to get it back to me. But I was happy to have it back.
Not that I didn’t know what to do with myself without the computer. But as I had prepared myself for a longer time ‘without’ I had immediately switched off my sensorium that is on the constant lookout for blog-topics. I did keep up my daily photography, though, but had seriously resigned myself to weeks without posting on the blog.
It is amazing how dependent we get on these little items, even if only to check some piece of information on the internet. On the other hand, the amount of time at one’s disposal when one doesn’t quickly turn to check out this, look at that blog, search for a recipe...
So I spent the week offline dyeing the March shipment for my fabric club, did a bit of sewing to finish Play of Lines XXIX, and prepared Play of Lines XXVIII for quilting (I had had to wait for black batting, and the right threads before I could do this).

March 2012: fabric club selection

Play of Lines XXIX, pieced, unquilted

Play of Lines XXVIII, pieced, unquilted

Got lots of things done.
But am glad to resume posting! And to feel reconnected to the world...

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