Friday, July 1, 2011

Workshop with Nancy Crow

Yesterday was the fourth day of the workshop with Nancy Crow that I am currently taken part in. 
On the evening before, I had successfully (almost) finished the top which I was sewing only partly adhering to directions. two curving lines are still missing, but I will put those in when I return home, where I have the large cutting amt. We were now starting our final ‚grand’ composition. On Friday, however, I will be interpreting for Jan Myers-Newbury’s shibori class, so I was pretty certain I would not be able to finish a huge 8”x8” piece and decided to work on my gray sketch from the second day. 

This time I wanted to put in a bit of color but keep to the overall design.
At first I thought it all went very well, I found nice colors, and the piecing itself wasn’t particularly difficult:

Nancy Crow’s comment was „good idea, very interesting, but you can do better than that. Why don’t you take this as a ground and put some figures in it.” And then she went to dinner.
I could not come up with feasible or good ideas on my own, so consutled with Heide Stoll-Weber, who is also here. She gave me a few great ideas indeas, but all of them meant a lot of taking out of seams, trying out and perhaps failing, that I felt it was not worth doing it with this piece, but rather try another one and include those figures during the process of construction. Before I finally put the ‘colored version’ away to become a Never-to-be-finshed UFO I put the gray sketch right next to it.

And then I did it – I cut both of them up. This is the condition I left it in when I went home last night, waiting to be sewn together. 

Probably not what Nancy meant. And not a typical result of a workshop with her, either. I’m curious what she is going to say…

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